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This plug-in makes writing automation tests handling pdf files much easier by reading, extracting, and comparing pdf files.


This plugin makes writing automation tests in handling PDF files much easier by reading, extracting, and comparing PDF files.

Key features:
* Get the text of the PDF files
* Compare PDF files
* Extract images from PDF files

A sample project can be found [here](https://github.com/katalon-studio-samples/katalon-studio-pdf-plugin-sample).

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4 Rating(s)
Ajay Kumar
June 15, 2019

why is it unavailable to install?

Katalon LLC
June 17, 2019

Hi, We have checked and saw that you already installed the plugin so that the Install button would be disabled. Please check your Installed plugins in My plugin menu. Thanks

Pedro Gutierrez
June 3, 2019

Fix the overview page "https://store.katalon.com/product/61/PDF-Keywords#overview-content" the href to the github example is wrong

mike clarkson
November 19, 2019

I keep gettin 'See the differences in path: nulltest_image1_diff_2_diff.png' but no image is produced, can you help me resolve this ?

Katalon LLC
June 3, 2019

Hi Pedro Gutierrez, Thank you for your comment. The link has been fixed!

Shyju John
May 17, 2019

Thank you for sharing this. its absolutely useful.

May 10, 2019

perfect , absolutely useful 👍🏻

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