Auto-healing Smart XPath

Time and effort saving. Auto heal failed execution.


Making test cases less vulnerable to AUT changes

Reduce test script maintenance cost by using the set of XPath values generated by Smart XPath Generator.
Leverage Neighbor XPath value - a unique XPath locator researched and developed by Katalon team.

### Automatically heal failed object detection Save test case updating time by auto-trying out other XPath options in Test Objects in case of failed detection.
Update the new stable XPath values with the Auto Healing logs.

See Also
For Commandline/Console-mode execution, please refer to this document for setting up and applying API Key. Feel free to submit any issues you may have via the issue tracker. Please refer to this document for setting up Auto-healing Smart XPath

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5 Rating(s)
April 24, 2019

Nice plugin!

April 24, 2019

Aggeliki Rabaouni
April 10, 2019

I have installed it (katalon 6.1.0) but when I try reload it says there is no I have installed it (Katalon 6.1.0) but when I try to reload I get the message "No plugins found".

Aggeliki Rabaouni
May 28, 2019

Yes it worked afterwards but unfortunately I could not redeem a discount code that I have got from Katalon to buy the plug-in because there is no redeem field and you never answered to my inquiry in the community regarding the plug-ins redeem. Shame because I could have more time trying it out (one year) so I know the tool better and buy it again. But now spending $99 for one year.???

Katalon LLC
April 22, 2019

Hi Aggeliki Rabaouni, please download Katalon Studio 6.1.2 and let us know whether there is any other issue. Happy to support.

Vincent Healy
March 6, 2019

I would like to use this.It says installed but it no where to be seen. The store otherwise looks good

Katalon LLC
April 18, 2019

Hi Vincent Healy, thank you for your feedback. Please kindly check whether you selected ‘Reload Plugins’ option from the Plugin Store.

February 27, 2019

  • 1 license
  • Non-transferable license
  • Suitable for one single user
  • 5-license bundle
  • Non-transferable licenses
  • Ideal for teams from 2 to 5 members
  • 6 licenses minimum
  • Transferable licenses
  • Best for corporates with multiple teams



You will have one license for every Individual subscription. This license is tied to the buyer's account and is non-transferable.


You will have a fixed number of 5 licenses in the Team bundle. If your team purchase more than 5 licenses, we will upgrade you to the Corporate subscription.


The Corporate subscription is the most adjustable package for large teams. Each subscription includes 6 licenses minimum. These licenses are transferable among team members, allowing for better teamwork flexibility. You can request to add, change, or remove as many accounts as you desire.

You only have one subscription for each plugin. If you acquire additional licenses, the new subscription will be calculated upon your current billing cycle. The remaining credits of your current subscription will be refunded to the new subscription. You can review the billing summary before making additional license payment.
Individual subscription
  1. Click Manage My Orders in the payment confirmation page, or click the link in the payment confirmation email
  2. You will see your purchased plugin in the Orders tab
    • To view/download invoice and payment details: Click Order History
    • To activate a plugin, click View ⇒ You will be directed to the My Plugins page ⇒ click Activate ⇒ The plugin status is now Reload plugin in Katalon Studio
Team and Corporate subscriptions
  1. Click Manage My Orders in the payment confirmation page, or click the link in the payment confirmation email
  2. You will see your purchased plugin in the Orders tab
    • To view/download invoice and payment details: Click Order History
    • To invite/remove other member Katalon accounts: .
To invite users:
  1. Go to My Account menu ⇒ Orders.
  2. Choose the plugin in which you want to manage members
  3. Enter your team member’s Katalon account* into the textbox

*To be invited to co-use the plugin, every team member must have a Katalon account. You can create a Katalon account here.

To remove users:
  1. In the list of members, click the icon next to the Katalon email account you want to remove from the list
  2. The plugin will be removed from the selected account.

You will receive an invitation email with the link to the My Plugins page.

To start using the plugin, click Activate, then reload in Katalon Studio.

Annual subscriptions are automatically renewed. You will receive a notification email 30 days prior to the renewal date. You will also have the option to cancel the auto-renewal process anytime.
For inquiries of plugin usage:
  1. Under the plugin page, go to the Q&A tab. You will be directed to Katalon Community.
  2. Sign in or sign up for a Katalon Community account
  3. Post your questions in the discussion thread. The plugin publisher will provide the according support.
For inquiries of Katalon account (e.g. adding account, removing account, payment, cancellation, renewal, etc.) please email

The Katalon Plugin License Agreement is applied for all plugins developed by Katalon team.

The Standard Plugin License Agreement can be applied for plugins developed by third-party publishers who are not Katalon team members.

Please review the license agreements carefully before installing any plugin in Katalon Store.

Please contact our Store team at for details.

Yes. There will be a 30-day trial period for all paid plugins with the same complete features. After the trial period, you will need to subscribe to one of the annual subscriptions: Individual, Team, or Corporate to continue using the plugin.

Please note that the trial period only applies to one single, non-transferable license.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by clicking Unsubscribe on the plugin or emailing us at However, there is no refund for the remaining duration of the subscription.
If your payment is not accepted, please make sure:
  • All payment information is correct
  • There are sufficient funds in your account
  • Payment Card is Not blocked because of unusual or suspicious activities
If you still have problems with payment, please contact us at
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