Auto-healing Smart XPath

Save time and effort maintaining test script with Smart XPath Generator

Publisher: Katalon Publisher
Release day: N/A

Instantly locate test objects and heal failed object detection to reduce cost and time.

Making test cases less vulnerable to AUT changes

educe test script maintenance cost by using the set of XPath values generated by Smart XPath Generator. Leverage Neighbor XPath value—a unique XPath locator researched and developed by Katalon team.

Automatically heal failed object detection

Save test case updating time by auto-trying out other XPath options in Test Objects in case of failed detection Update the new stable XPath values with the Auto Healing logs

More Details

Prepare the XPath configuration

To start using this plugin, please first make sure that Smart XPath is enabled.

Go to Project Settings > Test Design >** Web Locators **> choose the *XPath* option.

The list contains XPath generator providers which generate the corresponding XPath values for Katalon Studio test objects. Most XPath generator providers are inherited from Selenium except for Neighbor XPath, a unique XPath generator researched and developed by Katalon team.

Create test objects by Recording/Spying

Once test objects in test cases are created by Recording or Spying feature in Katalon Studio, a set of XPath values will be generated respectively to the XPath generator provider list. The first values in the lists are the default XPath values of the test objects.

Execute test cases with Auto Healing, supported by Smart XPath

During execution, if a test object is failed to detect by its default XPath value, the other XPath options in the list will be automatically applied; and the first successful value will be used. The execution will continue as if no failed detection has happened. This will help significantly save time updating test cases, especially when the test cases are executed in batch overnight.

Update to the new stable XPath values

After execution, the proposed XPath values can be updated to the test objects via the Auto Healing logs.

Check the Approve checkbox and click OK to update the value.





More Info

Version: 1.0.0

Publisher: Katalon Publisher

Release date: N/A

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