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The plugin provides custom keywords to evaluate and return descriptive message for checking values with different data types such as: Boolean, List, Number, Date Time, String.



The plugin provides custom keywords for asserting values with distinguishing data types: Boolean, List, Number, DateTime, String. Descriptive messages will be included in assertion results. Import the package kms.turing.katalon.plugin.assertj to use these keywords.

  • Class BooleanAssert: contains keywords assertions for Boolean data type
  • Class DateTimeAssert: contains keywords assertions for DateTime data type
  • Class ListAssert: contains keywords assertions for List data type
  • Class NumberAssert: contains keywords assertions for number(int, float, doubleā€¦) in general
  • Class StringAssert: contains keywords assertions for String data type

Installing the Plugin (Katalon Studio version 6.1.0 or later)

  1. Visit the Katalon Store online or click on Plugin Store -> Visit plugin Store from Katalon Studio

  2. Install the plugin at the Katalon Plugin Store

  3. Select plugin Store -> Reload plugins to verify whether or not the plugin was successfully installed.

Samples Using the Plugin

For more details please refer the sample project

Run in Command Line Mode:

You need an API key to execute Katalon with an installed plugin in command line mode. Please refer to the link for API key creation and usage.

Visit Katalon Forum for Plugin related discussions.

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API keys are required in Katalon Studio Commandline Execution. Generate Key
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