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AIO Tests for Jira Integration plugin offers a seamless way to link the automated tests from Katalon Studio to AIO Tests for Jira and to report results of executions to AIO Tests cycles.


AIO Tests for Jira + Katalon Studio

The AIO Tests plugin for Katalon Studio provides an easy interface to map your automated tests to tests in AIO Tests and report the results of those testcases to Test Cycles in AIO Tests.

There are 3 main integration points

  1. Setup/Settings
  2. Test Case integration
  3. Test Suite integration

Click on the AIO Tests icon on the toolbar.

Setup AIO Tests Credentials AIO Tests requires the below authentication details based on the Jira Hosting you use

Cloud : API Key Server : Jira Username and password. Jira Server URL value should include any context path that is setup in your Jira host. To setup the above credentials, click on the AIO Tests icon on the Katalon Studio plugin. Enter the required credentials in the setup screen.

Map AIO Tets Cases to Katalon Cases When AIO Tests cases are automated in Katalon Studio, the case key of AIO Tests (eg. AT-TC-12) can be mapped to the automated test via the Integration tab of a test in Katalon Studio. Cases in Katalon Studio, which have no AIO Tests Key mapped, will be ignored while reporting results.

Report case results to AIO Tests after suite run To report results of a Katalon suite run to AIO Tests, the details need to be specified in the Integration tab of the test suite. Users can choose to create a new cycle for each run or to reuse an existing cycle. The plugin registers an execution listener for the suite end event. At the end of each suite run, the plugin pushes the results of all mapped cases to AIO Tests Cycles.

Important Note A suite needs to be added to Test Suite Collection to be picked up by AIO Tests. This is due to a limitation in the Katalon framework, which does not expose a hook to a Test Suite directly

Logs The logs of AIO Tests can be seen in Event Log as below:

Detailed Documentation AIO Tests Documentation

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