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QADeputy’s test management solution integrates seamlessly with best-in-class automation tools, including Katalon Studio, to consolidate both manual and automation testing.


The QADeputy plugin allows Katalon Studio users to easily create an integration between the two products to consolidate both manual and automation test results in a single test management repository. The plugin eliminates the need to report Katalon automation results manually or programmatically in your test management repository. The plugin offers the following additional functionality:

  • Centrally manage integration credentials with QADeputy.
  • Map Katalon Project to QADeputy Products.
  • Map Katalon Test Cases to QADeputy Test Suites and Test Cases.
  • Create QADeputy Test Runs when Katalon Test Suites are executed. Execution results are posted to the QADeputy Test Run for Test Cases that are mapped.

Configurations To enable the integration of Katalon Studio with QADeputy, you need to:

In QADeputy

  1. Login to your account with Administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to Integrations Show API Key.
  3. Copy the API Key for use in Katalon Studio.

In Katalon Studio

  1. Enable QADeputy Integration plugin in Project Settings:
  2. After installing and reloading the plugin, open Katalon Studio > from Katalon Studio menu bar > Project > Settings.
  3. In the Project Settings window > Plugins > QADeputy > Check Using QADeputy to enable the integration.
  4. Enter the credentials required for Authentication:
  5. Email: your QADeputy username.
  6. API Key: your QADeputy API Key.
  7. Product: Specify the QADeputy Product you'd like to integrate with Katalon Studio.
  8. Click Test Connection and then OK.

Map test cases between Katalon Studio and QADeputy In Katalon Studio

  1. Double-click a Test Case to open the test case
  2. Select the Integrations tab.
  3. Select the QADeputy Test Suite.
  4. Select the QADeputy Test Case
  5. Click Save.

Create new test runs in QADeputy In Katalon Studio

  1. Create a new Test Suite.
  2. Execute the Test Suite. A new QADeputy Test Run will be created for Test Suite that has mapped Test Cases.

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