DBMS Keywords FREE

The plugin provides custom keywords for various connections including get the global database setting connection, also support for exporting, reading, writing data into a database easily and able to create DB test data files effectively.


Database Management System (DBMS) customs keywords will help you easy to establish with various connection ( Mysql, Oracle, PostgresSql, SqlServer), and read, write data into database easily Besides that, They will help you get global DB setting connection from ( Project->Setting-->Database) easily, and the list of powerfull keyword allow you to dynamic create DB Test Data files support for automation need.

Version 1.0.0 supported for below DB Type

  1. MySql
  2. Postgresql
  3. SqlServer
  4. Oracle

Note: All password should be encoded (base64)

Detail How to use this plug-in, you can visit "https://github.com/rosiecorn/katalon-dbms-plugin-usage"

Groups of supported Keyword

Database keyword

  • createConnection

  • getGlobalConnection

  • closeConnection

  • executeQuery

  • executeUpdate

  • execute

    ResultSet keyword

  • getListCellValue

  • getSingleCellValue

  • getListRowValue

  • getSingleRowValue

  • resultSetToArrayList

  • getRowCount

  • getColumnCount

  • isEmptyResult

  • exportToCSV

    Create DB Data File keyword

  • createUsingGlobalConnection

  • createUsingInternalConnection

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9 Rating(s)
Ethan Jackson
May 22, 2024


Preethi Lijo
May 26, 2021

Made testing with a wide array of Database easy

sanjay polkam
March 17, 2021

Can please let us know when are you planning to Db2

Suraj Paswan
October 15, 2020

Awesome Plugin - But looks like its outdated, last updated on July 25th 2019, but so far its working fine for me!!

Alexandra Moreno
August 18, 2020

Unable to view the Installed plugin when I click on reload plugins in Katalon studio.

Satadip Mukherjee
November 20, 2019

Unable to view the Installed plugin when I click on reload plugins in Katalon studio.

KMS Technology
July 15, 2019

Yes, Let me work with the team and plan to do it

Manpreet Mukkar
May 6, 2019

This plugin is a core part of our test automation. We have a lot of scenarios where we need to write and read from the database and using this plugin had made our life easier. No more need to fiddle around with excel.

Nausikaa Geeraert
April 23, 2019

This plugin really really made my (Katalon)life easier! Before this plugin came out, I was struggling to get connected to my database and get and write values. Now it is done with some simple easy-to-use keywords. Also support is great! They provide fast and clear answers to all kind of questions. I got everything working fine very quickly.

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