AngularJS Dropdown Keywords FREE

The custom keywords are used for scripting on the Dropdown element(*-select) in AngularJS application


The custom keywords list below are used to support for scripting the Dropdown element(*-select) in AngularJS application

How to use it:

1. Create/Open Katalon project (Katalon Studio version v6.0.5 or later)

2. Download and install the Plugins package

3. On the test case file, import "import com.katalon.plugin.keyword.angularjs.DropdownKeywords" .You can now use the plug-in.

Below are the developed custom keywords:

  1. verifyOptionSelectedByName(TestObject dropdownObject, String expectedName)
  2. verifyOptionItemsStatus(TestObject dropdownObject, String listItemNames, boolean expectedStatus=true)
  3. selectOptionByIndex(TestObject dropdownObject, Object range, boolean isSelect=true)
  4. selectOptionByName(TestObject dropdownObject, String listItemNames, boolean isSelect=true)
  5. selectSubOptionByIndex(TestObject dropdownObject, String optionGroupName, Object range, boolean isSelect=true)
  6. selectSubOptionByName(TestObject dropdownObject, String optionGroupName, String listItemNames, boolean isSelect=true)
  7. selectAllOption(TestObject dropdownObject, boolean isSelect=true)

Example of importing and scripting in a test case file:

*.. *

import com.katalon.plugin.keyword.angularjs.DropdownKeywords

'Open AngularJS page that tagname of dropdown is md-select' WebUI.openBrowser('') WebUI.maximizeWindow()

'Select All items: Select Header section' CustomKeywords.'com.katalon.plugin.keyword.angularjs.DropdownKeywords.selectAllOption'(findTestObject('Md-Option/cboCheckboxOptionHeader'), true)

CustomKeywords.'com.katalon.plugin.keyword.angularjs.DropdownKeywords.verifyOptionSelectedByName'(findTestObject('Md-Option/cboCheckboxOptionHeader'), "Corn, Onions, Kale, Arugula, Peas, Zucchini")

'Select Checkbox items by Index from 2 to 5: Option Groups section' CustomKeywords.'com.katalon.plugin.keyword.angularjs.DropdownKeywords.selectOptionByIndex'(findTestObject('Md-Option/cboCheckboxOptionGroup'), "2-5", true)

CustomKeywords.'com.katalon.plugin.keyword.angularjs.DropdownKeywords.verifyOptionSelectedByName'(findTestObject('Md-Option/cboCheckboxOptionGroup'), "Sausage, Ground Beef, Bacon, Mushrooms")


You can refer to the source code repository to get more details:

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