Dynamic Querying Test Suite

Run test effectively in Katalon Studio - Query, Save, and Execute

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Apply advanced search queries to look for test cases faster and filter which test cases to be executed.

Dynamically plan your test cases by search queries

Advanced search queries such as folder and tag helps you search for test cases faster Less error-prone while planning test cases to execute in Katalon Studio Be able to count the number of found test cases of search queries

Flexibly select executed test cases at run-time

Significantly reduces the time for re-planning test suites before each execution by flexibly selecting executed test case at run-time. Easy to integrate to CI/CD with dynamic querying conditions by allowing to override the queries in CLI for both new dynamic-querying test suites and built-in ones.

More Details

Create a new dynamic-querying test suite

Create a new dynamic querying test suite Right-click on Test Suite > New > Dynamic Querying Test Suite

In the dynamic querying test suites, test cases are not manually added to the built-in test suites but through search queries in Katalon Studio. For more information about the search query function, please refer to this Katalon Studio document.

Input the search condition, click** Preview** to query out the matching test cases. The number of matching test cases will also be shown.

For example, to plan the test cases in folder “Advance Examples" with the “high-priority” tag property, you can use this search query: id=(Test Cases/Advance Examples) tag=(high-priority)

Other functionalities of the new dynamic querying test suites are technically the same as those of built-in test suites. Moreover, the executed test cases are selected at runtime. In other words, test cases that match the search conditions are chosen when the test suites are executed (unlike in built-in test suites in which test cases are chosen at planning time).

In addition, the search query can also be overridden in CLI via the** testSuiteQuery** parameter. This grants great flexibility to update the query criteria at the execution time.

For example, in the example above, the search query of the dynamic querying test suite is “id=(Test Cases/Advance Examples) tag=(high-priority)”. At the execution time, the query can be overridden to “tag=(high-priority)”, which means executing all test cases not only in the projects with the “high-priority” tag, but also in the “Advance Examples” folder.

Furthermore, the testSuiteQuery parameter can be applied to the built-in test suites. However, the search queries in these cases will function as extra filters of the existing test cases added to the built-in test suites.

For example, assume a built-in test suite has 100 test cases out of 1,000 test cases in the entire project. In the execution command line of that test suite, the -testSuiteQuery=”tag=(high-priority)” is appended; so only the test cases which contain the “high-priority” tag value in 100 test cases of the test suite will be executed. Not all test cases in the project that match the tag condition will be executed in the dynamic querying test suites.

See Also

For CLI execution, please refer to this document. for setting up and applying API Key. Feel free to submit any issues you may have via the issue tracker.





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Version: 1.0.0

Publisher: Katalon Publisher

Release date: N/A

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