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More than one groovy asserts in a single script IF the first assert failed, the execution was stopped. This plugin collects/catch all the assert exception summary. instead of soft assert, we can use this plugin.


assert a == b

if any exception occurred in the above groovy asserts , the test execution also stopped and should not able to continue the test execution.To overcome this we can use this plugins.

call the keyword by using the below code sinppet from the test scripts [def assertResult = CustomKeywords.'com.maxval.plugin.keyword.asserts.GroovyAsserts.verifyEqual'(a, b)]

//Collect the assertion Failed summary def summary = CustomKeywords.'com.maxval.plugin.keyword.asserts.GroovyAsserts.assertSummaryCollection'(assertResult) if (summary != null) { assertFailedSummary.add(summary) }

Finally we can define the test case pass or fail //IF Any asserts Failed, marked test case as failed , Else test case passed if (assertFailedSummary) { KeywordUtil.markFailed(assertFailedSummary.toString()) }

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