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Katalon plug-in that allows you to search for Test Objects according to attributes defined in Test Object physical files.


Test Object Finder


Because a GIF is worth a thousand words. demo1

Problem to be solved

Currently the search functionality of Katalon Studio only supports for name, id, tag, comment, description. This Katalon plug-in that allows you to search for Test Objects according to attributes within the .rs file in folder Object Repository.


  • [X] Search for Test Objects with one or more phrases
  • [X] History of index and search
  • [X] Copy Test Object name into Clipboard

This plug-in uses Lucene for index and search. Please visit Github repo for more information.

Example query:

Find an input element with name containing repository (e.g input_username repository)

tag=input and name=repository

Find a Web Sevice element with REST method

servicetype = restful

Find a Web Service element that has a URL containing api.imgur.com (e.g https://api.imgur.com/v2/update)



Find a Test Object with variable defaultVariable


Note that currently, only 'and' operator is supported.

Sample .rs file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <name>New Request</name>

The above Test Object would match the query:

name=new request


restrequestmethod=get and selectormethod=basic

Supported properties:

  • name
  • tag
  • elementGuidId
  • selectorMethod
  • xpath
  • css
  • basic
  • useRalativeImagePath
  • followRedirects
  • httpBody
  • httpBodyContent
  • httpBodyType
  • restRequestMethod
  • restUrl
  • serviceType
  • soapBody
  • soapHeader
  • soapRequestMethod
  • soapServiceFunction
  • wsdlAddress

Note: You can search for a variable by name=<variableName>

Visit Katalon Forum for Plugin related discussions.

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