TestRail Integration

Link to TestRail test cases and test suites. Send results and provide TestRail query standards.


TestRail plugin establishes a connection between Katalon Studio project and TestRail. This plugin offers the following capabilities:

  • Link test cases between Katalon Studio and TestRail.
  • Create a new TestRail’s Test Run with Katalon Studio’s test execution results.
  • Update an existing TestRail’s Test Run with the latest Katalon Studio’s test execution results.
  • Provide TestRail-based search syntax for Katalon Studio’s Dynamic Execution feature.

See Also: Please refer to this document for setting up TestRail Integration.

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June 28, 2023


May 7, 2022

The plugin is very rudimentary, unfortunately falls short of our expectations and does not meet our requirements. It is only possible to link Katalon TestCases with TestRail TestCases and Katalon TestSuites with TestRail Runs at a high level. However, unfortunately not all parameters of the TestRail API (https://www.gurock.com/testrail/docs/api/reference/results/) can be passed to TestRail, which is why the result, if it can be pushed at all, is only very superficial in terms of the level of detail. e.g.: a) In our TestRail configuration the Result field "Version" is a mandatory field. Katalon can run the test successfully, but cannot push the result because you cannot submit the version. This should be possible by, for example, reading the currentVersion at runtime from the frontend of the application under test and passing it to the plugin for push. b) Currently only the overall status of the test result can be passed. This is determined automatically. If a Katalon test is successful, the TestRail test is also successful or if a TestStep in Katalon fails, the overall status in TestRail is also set to "Failed". You can't see in TestRail which Step failed. c) It should be possible to define in Katalon which Katalon test step/test step is to be assigned to which TestRail test step. On the one hand it should be possible to set the test result automatically, on the other hand it should be possible to overwrite it with an own status if desired. It should be possible to set the default states (Passed/Blocked/Failed/Retest) as well as the custom states (e.g. "Passed with Errors") both on step level and on overall level. As a workaround, it would help if you could at least push a comment or screenshots on the overall level. d) The highlight would be if you could also interact with a Defect plugin. That means that e.g. in case of a "Failed" status a Jira-Issue is created automatically and the ID of the Jira-Issue is pushed to TestRail together with the TestRail-Result. However, this would only be "nice to have".

Michal Mucek
August 20, 2020

It works but it's not secure to use it. TestRail credentials are being stored as text, not encrypted!

March 11, 2020

I have katalon7 Devops license. However don't see this plugin available for use without purchase? Am I missing anything?

Henry Spierer
January 15, 2020

Doesn't work :( It did at first, but now I can't preview my test-cases on Katalon studio.

May 21, 2019

Mohit Purohit
May 20, 2019

For some reason, this didn't work for me, regardless of however I setup the test suite. I had to create my own keywords and test listeners to achieve this integration.

Tom Hester
May 6, 2019

Great feature but the subscription is way too high and not worth the cost.

Pauline Wafula
April 29, 2019

Vijay Singh
March 28, 2019

Integration works for me but you need more info to enable this (get it from here:- Testrail integration with java) . My suggestion for the Katalon team is to update the document with precise flow .

October 9, 2019

Why for me it's no working? different UI on Documentation for my version

Katalon Inc.,
April 16, 2019

Hi Vijay Singh, Thank you for your feedback. We updated the document with more details. Hope you can find it easier to find your needed information. Cheers, Katalon Store Team

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