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Katalon Notes plug-in allows you take notes in-app easily


Katalon Notes


By: Quynh Lam

Github: https://github.com/minhthanh3145/katalon-notes

Katalon Notes is a Katalon plug-in that allows you to take notes in-app easily.

You can use it to:

  • Write your journey of learning automated testing.
  • Write a read me file for your project with hierarchical organization and markdown styling display.
  • Create a central note databases for your team so that knowledge are transferred easily.



  • Markdown support.
  • In-note links to jump between sections.
  • Render web pages in-app on link.
  • Hiearchical note organization.
  • Automatic saving when navigating between notes.
  • Switch between different databse folders.

1.0.7 - Stable.

  • Fixed crtitical bug relating to insert/update/delete operations that do not work as intended.
  • Added ability to switch between databases by choosing folders.

1.0.6 - Stable.

From version 1.0.6 major bugs are fixed including UI freezes when interacting on the note repository, root note cannot be edited, note structure is rendered incorrectly. From now on I will focus on making sure existing features work as intended as well as working on new features. Thank you for your support !

This plug-in is open-sourced here. Documentation is available here. If you have any issues you can submit them here

Visit Katalon Forum for Plugin related discussions.

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July 20, 2019

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